Story A Blind Lady And A Doctor With Moral

Story A Blind Lady And A Doctor For Kids With Moral

Story for kids: Have you ever heard the story of a blind lady and a doctor. It is one of the interesting stories which attracts the attention of the kids. Don’t worry! In the post we have presented for you the story of a blind lady and a doctor with moral.

Once a rich lady was suffering from bad eye-sight. She engaged a renowned eye-specialist in the town to cure her bad eye-sight. She promised the doctor to give a handsome reward if he could cure her. The doctor agreed. He came everyday to the house of his patient to treat her very carefully. Her house was full of valuables. But the doctor was a dishonest man. He was tempted by the costly things in his patient’s room. Taking advantage of her blindness he stole the jewellery, costly articles and valuable furniture one by one from her room.

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After a few months of treatment, the lady was fully cured and she regained her normal eye-sight. Then the doctor demanded his reward. But the lady who had been really cured, saw that her valuable articles had been stolen. She understood that it was the act of the dishonest doctor. So he said, “Doctor, before I was blind, I could see that my room was furnished with many valuable articles, but now I can see none of them. This proves that I am still almost blind. So I cannot pay you the promised reward.”

The doctor was angry. He went to the court and filed a suit. The lady was summoned to the court. “Why don’t you pay the doctor as you promised?” said the judge to the lady, “You can now see everything.”

The lady argued, “Whatever the physician speaks here is true. I promised to give him a sum of money if I get back my eyesight, but I also said that if I’m not cured, I won’t give him anything. Now he declares that I’m cured. But l affirm that I’m still blind, because before I lost my vision I had seen my house full of jewellery, costly articles and valuable furniture. Now I cannot see those things in my house. How can I be declared cured if I cannot see those things?” 

The case was clear to the judge. He punished the doctor for his guilt and warned him not to do such a thing any more.

Moral: Dishonesty cannot go undetected for long.

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