Paragraph on Rome Was Not Built In A Day

‘Rome was not built in a day’ is a famous proverb. It has both literary and inner meaning. The proverb ‘Rome was not built in a day’ means patient and hard work leads to success in life. It is applicable on the success of a man as well as the success of a nation. In this post a paragraph on Rome was not built in a day has been presented.

Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Rome was once the capital of the mightiest empire and the greatest and most prosperous city of the ancient world. But its greatness and prosperity was not built up in a single day or in a single generation. Its magnificent buildings, vast public baths, temples of gods and goddesses, amphitheatres, and mausoleums which constituted its glory and grandeur, were not the work of a day or a year. It took centuries of hard work and patient toil on the part of countless generations of men to build up the greatness of Rome. Similar was the case with the building of the Pyramids of Egypt and the Taj Mahal of India.

What was literally true of Rome is equally true of every great achievement in this world. The secret of success in any great undertaking – moral and spiritual no less than material – is patient toil and long, sustained effort. Great scientific inventions and discoveries, the conquest of the air, of Everest, of disease and pain, great social reforms all tell the same story. Men set themselves a task, devote themselves to a cause, and then work on with firm determination, patient labour, and unabated zeal in the face of all obstacles till success comes in the end.

The story of India’s struggle for freedom is a striking illustration of the truth of the above saying. Over long years countless men and women, known and unknown, gave up the comforts of life, endured poverty and hardship and physical torture, languished behind prison bars, or laid down their lives at the altar of liberty. The prolonged sufferings and sacrifices of these brave fighters and their sustained efforts at last brought us our country’s freedom. All these go to show that nothing great can be achieved without patient toil over long years.

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