Paragraph on Science And War

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Science has brought about great changes in the art of war. Formerly personal heroism was the most important factor in warfare. But today we do not hear of an Achilles or a Rana Pratap fighting in the battlefield. Now we hear of various kinds of modern weapons used in the war. The country which has superior weapons wins the war. And these weapons are the inventions of science. So, in a sense, nowadays a war is fought more by scientists in laboratories than by soldiers in battle-fields.

Probably the use of gunpowder was the first important step to the application of scientific knowledge in war. Machine guns, sten-guns, long-range guns, anti-aircraft guns are now recklessly used in war. Then there are tanks. These are essential in modern warfare. In naval warfare there are submarines that move under water. Mines lurk in seas and destroy ships. A modern war is fought also in the air. And science has made it possible ; because aeroplanes are now used for dropping bombs. Moreover, the fighter planes fight in the sky. The atom bombs and hydrogen bombs can destroy the whole world in no time. During the Second World War lakhs of people were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when atom bombs were dropped on them in 1945. Atomic missiles can hit targets anywhere in the world. And these are all inventions of science.

Science has thus produced many deadlier weapons and made wars very horrible. If the Third World War takes place in the future, it might destroy all life on earth as it will be a nuclear war. So, in view of these dangerous consequences, science should never be used for war or destructive purposes. It should always be used for the promotion of peace and happiness of mankind.

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