Write a letter to your friend describing your visit to the zoo. 

Letter to friend about visit to the zoo: You have recently visited to the zoo. Now write a letter to your friend describing your experiences about the visit to the zoo.

Letter to your friend describing your visit to the Zoo

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My dear Satish,

Thank you for your sweet letter. On the first day of January, I went to visit the zoo at Alipore. I cannot resist the temptation of giving you a short account of my visit to the zoo.

Two classmates of mine accompanied me. At the gate we were on a long line to buy tickets to get into the zoo. Inside the gate we were in a different world. We wandered about in the animal world for a long time and spent a very jolly afternoon. The first creatures that greeted us there were the birds of varied colours and sizes. They were chirping, twittering and flying here and there in the cage. There are many uncommon birds which I, and perhaps many living in cities, have never seen. The infinite variety of birds, coupled with their lively chattering and twittering, filled us with great delight.

From the world of birds we went to the glass cages where reptiles are kept. There we saw different kinds of snakes, some lying calm and quiet, as if they were dead, and some crawling here and there.

Next we had a look at the lions in iron cages. One of them was roaring. Perhaps it was hungry. This was the first time that I heard a lion roar. Near the lions were large cages with tigers, leopards and black panthers. These animals, though fierce, looked very mild. We also saw giraffes, zebras, kangaroos and many other interesting animals. The crocodiles, kept in a tank, looked rather ugly. So we did not stop there.

At last we came to the monkeys of different sizes. A little boy made faces at them. The monkeys also imitated him and made us roll in laughter. These animals really amused us very much.

As the close of the day was drawing near, we left the zoo and returned home joyfully. At night I could not read because I only thought of the animal world. Even when I went to bed, I was thinking of the beautiful birds. The roar of the lion was still ringing in my ears. I thought what would happen if all the birds and beasts somehow managed to come out of their cages. This is an absurd idea no doubt, but last night it was not so as it is today.

No more today. More when we meet. With love to you, Yours ever,

Yours ever,


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