Story The Fox And The Grapes With Moral

The Fox And The Grapes

The fox and the grapes story with moral, Story the fox and the grapes with moral
Story The Fox and The Grapes


One day, a fox was very hungry. He wandered here and there for a long time in search of food.  But he found nothing edible. He was very much disheartened. At last, he decided to move towards the village, not far from the jungle. “Alas! Isn’t it sad that one cannot find anything to eat in this jungle?” he thought. “Better walk to the village. There I can at least find something to eat.”


After walking for some distance, the fox entered a vineyard by chance. “I might have some grapes to satisfy myself,” he thought. He then entered the vineyard. It was full of ripe and sweet grapes. The rich purple colour made them all the more tempting. The fox looked at the bunches around him greedily. The foxe’s mouth began to water for the ripe grapes.”These grapes are so good to look at! They must taste good too! I must have them,” said the fox.


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With these words, he approached a vine laden with bunches of grapes. The fox jumped up to reach the hanging grapes, but they were too high for him to reach. He jumped up again and again for a long time to reach at the grapes. But the ripe grapes were beyond his reach. To his utter frustration, he could not grab a single grape.


After trying for some time he felt exhausted. Ultimately, he gave up all hopes of getting a bunch of grapes to eat. “These grapes are only good to look at,” he said in disgust. Then he said to himself,” The grapes are sour. One cannot eat them.”

Moral: We call it bad what we cannot get for a false consolation.


Unattainable is always loathsome.

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