Paragraph On A Journey By A Crowded Bus

A Journey By A Crowded Bus

write a paragraph on a journey by a crowded bus
Paragraph On A Journey By A Crowded Bus

A few days back, I had a bitter experience of a journey by a crowded bus. Father and I were waiting at Gariahat junction to get a bus for Esplanade. The bus came after some time. It was jam-packed. The bus was so crowded that many passengers were standing and even hanging at the gates. Getting into the bus was a great problem. We had to board the over crowded bus as we were in a hurry. We struggled really very hard to get onto the bus. We shouldered and elbowed our way inside. Some passengers were shouting at us as we trod their feet.

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The inside of the bus was so crowded that even standing comfortably there was very difficult. Sometimes I had to stand on one foot. But despite so much trouble, the conductor was doing his duties properly. It was a big wonder to me. In addition to these difficulties, the bus was jogging along the rough roads and the driver often applied the brakes. As a result, the passengers lost their tempers and cursed him. Some were criticizing the passengers for losing their tempers. Some were criticizing the government for its failure to tackle transport problems. Some among the passengers were cutting and cracking nice jokes. Everyone enjoyed them very much. At last, we came to our destination and got down with a deep sigh of relief.

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