Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to read newspaper daily.

Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to read newspaper daily.

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My dear Santu,

I have just now received your letter that contains an account of your daily life. It shows you are regular in your studies. This is very good. But I am afraid you do not read newspapers daily. So I advise you to cultivate the habit of reading newspaper daily.

A newspaper is a mirror in which you can see the pictures of different countries. It gives you all sorts of current news relating to the social, political and economic problems of different parts of the world. Your books cannot give you this information. So you see that you have so long been quite in the dark about the world. Besides news, a newspaper contains informative articles and editorials on current problems that provide you with much food for thought.

You are a child today, but a day will come when you will be a responsible citizen of free India. So you must know how our country is progressing and what is happening in the wide world. Again, you are interested in games and sports. So the sports page of a daily will surely give you a lot of information as well as pleasure. So start reading newspaper daily. For the first few days you do not get much interest. But still you must continue and soon you will see that it is as necessary as your food and drink.

Let me know how far you follow my advice.

With love,

Your affectionate brother,


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