Paragraph On The Internet – Its Uses And Abuses

The introduction of the internet is a wonderful discovery of science. The internet is the storehouse of the world’s endless knowledge. In fact, the internet can be called a sea of ​​information, a sea where people from all over the world can get the information they need. The internet is, no doubt, indispensable in modern civilization. This scientific innovation is so helpful that few spheres remain in this world which are being organised without the application of computers. The internet is a means to enhance one’s knowledge and perception, wisdom and perfection. One can be acquainted with the world within a few minutes via the internet. Nowadays, it is possible to get a huge amount of

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information about various subjects and sources of the world through the internet. That is why the present age is called the ‘age of information explosion’. The internet is so informative that the user may avail himself or herself of the scope of collecting data for different disciplines. E-mail is beneficial to quick communication. Banking and investment systems become quick and errorless. Internet marketing is in vogue nowadays. Its benefits are many. But the internet has now been abused by some. Chatting, for example, through the system of the internet is now the most notorious. The youth have been wasting their energy, indulging themselves in apparently useless chatting. Besides, social media is now being used mischievously. Although the internet is a blessing of modern science, it becomes a curse when it is used in doing something frivolous or criminal. Everyone, especially a student, should be aware of the abuses of the internet. People should control themselves while availing themselves of the opportunity of the internet, else they will become its victims.

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