Online Education Essay

 Online Education – Advantages And Disadvantages

Online Education Essay, Online Education - Advantage and Disadvantage
Online Education Essay



In the changing times, where everything is becoming digital, the field of education is also not untouched by it, then the epidemic like Covid-19 has affected almost all areas of human life, in which it has a huge impact on the education sector. Therefore, the need of the hour is to promote online education. The Government of India has also started the ‘Bharat Padhe Online Scheme‘ to reduce the loss in education in this era of Covid-19 pandemic, which underlines the increasing importance of online education. In fact, the importance of online education will continue to grow in the present as well as in the future, but we should keep in mind that along with the advantages of online education, there are also some practical disadvantages, due to which it needs to be adopted carefully.

Meaning of online education

Online education is related to computer based networks. In this, the student gets education even while staying at home. Under this, students are benefited through videos, there is no direct relationship with the teacher. Online education refers to the use of electronic applications and learning processes. Internet connection, computer, smartphone etc. important materials are needed for online education.

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Medium / Type of Online Education

Following are the mediums/types of online education

1. Live Video Classes: Under this, students and teachers interact with each other from different places at the same time. In this type of class, students are able to know the answers to their questions immediately, which also removes their doubts related to that subject. For this reason it is also called ‘real time learning’.

2. Pre-recorded video classes: In this arrangement, the information related to the course is already available. The advantage of this type of online education is that students can take advantage of it at any time i.e. view this class at any time. In this educational system there is no option to have real time educational dialogue between the student and the teacher. In this, students ask their question in the comment box, which is answered either in the comment box or in the next class.

3. Slides: The system of slides is very useful in the study of microscopic objects in online education. Their use makes teaching skills effective. A projector is required to display the slide. There are many types of slides – lantern slides, cellphone slides, glass slides, photographic slides etc.

4. Online Test: In the digital age, the importance of online tests has also increased a lot. With its help, the student gets a lot of help in the preparation of the main examination, as it allows the students to rectify their mistakes, as well as set their timing. This test is not given on paper-pen, but on a computer. The rules of the exam are explained from the start tutorial 15 minutes before the start of the exam. Then the exam starts. The questions are answered through the computer keyboard and mouse. Nowadays children can give online tests from their smartphone even while sitting at home.

5. PDF based online education: In the lectures given through pre-recorded video classes or slides, mainly the pages of PDF are presented on the screen one by one. In this the syllabus is first converted into PDF then either live video classes or pre-recorded video classes are played on the website on which the link to download the PDF is given at the bottom of the website.

Advantages of online education

Classroom teaching is being made more interesting and interactive through online education, due to which children are paying more and more attention to it.

Online education can be availed by anyone, anywhere and anytime. For example, you can get information related to the subjects missed during travel or taking leave due to any reason.

By promoting online education, students will also acquire new knowledge. Along with this, the allegations of teachers not being competent, up-to-date and lack of teachers can also be removed.

There are not enough schools and colleges in a vast country like India. With the option of online education, the pressure on schools and colleges will be reduced and parents and children will have the freedom to teach in their own way, that is, the compulsory admission in school-college will end.

Online education is also beneficial from an environmental point of view, because dependence on online will reduce the need for copy books, and people will not go out.

With online learning, students will understand for themselves how they learn, what they like and what support they need. Also students will independently research and produce a new presentation.

Online learning method saves time, as well as has more diversity of knowledge.

Online education is very effective in terms of intensity and intensity. In this, the collection of information is not only fast, but its importance is also very high in terms of creativity and diversity.

Online education allows students to get quality education from the best universities and best teachers in the world.

Disadvantages of online education

Online education is associated with computer based networks, which requires a lot of equipment which is quite expensive. Because of this it is not possible for everyone to get online education.

Under online education, students get the answer of any question easily on the Internet. In such a situation, students never think much while studying on any subject, in which the creative ability of the children decreases.

 No matter how much facility online or digital education provides to the students, but due to this facility, poor study habits are being encouraged in the students, and a lazy attitude is developing in the students. Online education requires reliable power supply and ubiquitous internet, but India still lacks infrastructure in this area. ,

Home environment will not be suitable for studying online education, because students can get distracted by games, social media at home, whereas in school-colleges there is a systematic study environment.

Online learning can have an impact on students’ ability to learn, as they may lose their motivation if they do not become an active part of the study.

Online education is stressful according to psychologists. According to their research, after 15 minutes of online study, students lose interest in taking notes and they go to interesting sites.

According to a recent survey, online education is adversely affecting the physical and mental health of children.

According to the Indian tradition of thought, there are three objectives of education – individual and character building, progressive development of social welfare. To what extent online education fulfills these goals, it is necessary to investigate.

Many subjects are very practical. For example, teaching by holding the student’s hand is more effective in science experiments, crafts, physical education, designing etc.

Most of the teachers are not trained for online learning, which is why they shy away from facing online learning.


Thus, it can be said that although some challenges exist in the context of online education, they should be overcome. Also, the benefits of online education are more according to the situation today. The digital age and the horrors of corona infection have greatly increased the importance of online education, which can be understood in the context of various educational programs of the government. Certainly, looking at today’s situation, it can be said that the future of online education is very bright and it is bringing a revolution in the field of education. But at the same time, we should also closely monitor online education, so that the students get the full benefit of this technology while they do not suffer mental, physical and character abuse.

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