Paragraph on Plastic Pollution or Paragraph on Plastic Bags

Paragraph on Plastic Pollution


Paragraph on Plastic Bags

paragraph on plastic pollution or paragraph of plastic bags
Paragraph on Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has really posed a great problem these days. Alexander Parkes manufactured the first plastic. But with the invention the world is facing a new problem – plastic pollution. Plastic Pollution is continuously affecting our beautiful planet. It is affecting mankind, wildlife, and aquatic life. It is spreading like a pandemic which has no cure. Plastic gradually replaced biodegradable products. Plastic bags took the place of paper and jute bags which are less durable and beautiful. On the other hand plastic carry bags and packets do

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not easily perish and are attractive. As a result, these are being widely and extensively used to carry groceries, vegetables, fish, flowers, fruits, and lots of other essential things. The use of plastic bags and packets has created different problems. They are not easily destructible nor biodegradable. These can only be destroyed if burned. But burning of plastic bags will increase air pollution and emit a bad smell. Plastic bags and other products made from plastic have become a great threat to the life of animals living on earth as well as in water. Waste plastic bags are thrown into the seas and oceans. It becomes a great threat to aquatic life. Many aquatic animals die due to suffocation. If thrown into the drain, they choke them. If thrown into fields, harmful chemicals are released from them and they make the soil infertile.

Plastic pollution and other pollution like water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution are interconnected. Plastic pollution is intensifying these pollution also. To check plastic pollution, use of plastic bags and carriers must be prohibited in the market. Instead the use of paper and jute bags and containers has to be encouraged and ensured. There should always a campaign against the use of plastic bags and other products and for jute and paper ones.


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