Write a letter to your friend describing your hobby.

Write a letter to your friend describing your hobby.

Write a letter to your friend about your favourite hobby
Letter to friend about your hobby

Arko’s Address __

My dear Sumit,

Your sweet note is just to hand. You have informed me that you have chosen stamp-collecting as your favourite hobby and wanted to know about mine.

I have taken up gardening as my favourite hobby. My little flower garden lies just in front of my home. Every afternoon, as I come from school I go to my garden and work there for some time. There I turn the earth up with a spade, pull out the grass, make the soil fit with manure and plant flower-plants. I also water them regularly in the evening. When the plants burst into flowers, their fragrance spreads all around. I find great pleasure when the multi-coloured butterflies visit my garden and the masses of beautiful and colourful flowers flutter in the breeze. This spectacle purifies my soul and keeps me away from the maddening crowd of cities. It gives me enough physical exercise to keep my body fit and fine. It provides diversion from boredom and refreshes the mind after tiring physical or mental work. My parents, friends and neighbours praise me for it. Every morning my grandmother plucks flowers and blesses me. Her blessing fills me with immense joy and encourages me in my work. Gardening is a source of pure pleasure to me. You may try it yourself and let me know how you feel about it. 

More when we meet. With my due regards to your parents and love to you, 

Your loving friend,


Sumit’s Name & Address



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