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Paragraph on My Best Friend

My Best Friend essay in English
My Best Friend Paragrah

 My Best Friend

I have many close friends. But among them Suresh is my best friend. Suresh is my classmate.There are many reasons why I am so fond of this beautiful boy. Suresh is beautiful in the true and perfect sense of the term. He has great qualities which can easily endear one to others. Suresh is amiable and accessible. He has a good heart and a great head. He is liberal, generous and honest to the core. He is never selfish and self-centred like most people. Suresh is always ready to extend and offer his help and co-operation to friends who are in need of it. He has always and all along been a brilliant

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student never being second to none in his class. But he never boasts of his academic excellence and achievements. Another endearing aspect of his personality has been his strength in co-curricular activities starting from recitation and ending in sports. I am really happy and fortunate to be on sweet terms with Suresh. We have a beautiful bond and understanding between us studying, playing and passing time together. We are like hands and gloves as friends. I rate and count Suresh to be my best friend because he has always been my source of inspiration and endless love. Not that he always approves of what I say or do. He disapproves of anything wrong done by me. Suresh has been as close to my family as I have always been to his. My parents are as fond of him as l am to them. So far as I am concerned, I am never short and shy of lending Suresh my all possible help and cooperation without which how can our friendship last and flourish?

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