Essay If I Were The Minister Of Social Welfare

 If I Were The Minister Of Social Welfare Essay

If I were the minister of social welfare essay
If I Were The Minister Of Social Welfare Essay

Indian society is one of the oldest societies. It has got its own customs and traditions. Some of them are very old. They do not suit the present times. Times go on changing. We must also change our customs and traditions to keep pace with the times. Some of our customs are not only useless but are also obstacles in the way of social progress. It is, therefore, essential that they must be changed. The older must change giving place to the new, I will introduce the following social reforms, if ever I become the Minister of social welfare.

  Our marriage customs must be reformed. Child marriage and early marriage have no place in social life today. Boys and girls must be given some say in the selection of their partners. I will pass a law which will make dowry hunting a legal offence. I will allow no business in the form of marriage, as this is a great social curse. This will be my first reform.

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Nowadays we do not get the necessities of life in pure condition. Milk, ghee, butter, oil, etc, all are sold adulterated. Not only food stuff, but medicines, toilet goods and other articles also are mixed with inferior and cheaper substances. This amounts to the cheating of the people. This is a social crime. I will make all possible efforts to curb this nefarious trade. The people will be ensured the supply of pure and unadulterated goods.

In our society, drinking is becoming common. There is also drug addiction on a large scale. The evil effects of such habits are too well known to need any discussion. Society must be saved from this social curse. I will educate the people against these evils as well as pass laws against them. When I become the Minister for social welfare, this social reform will receive my urgent attention.

Man and woman are the two wheels of the social cart. Both of them must be equally strong. But in our society women are illiterate. They are denied their due rights. Illiteracy is most widespread among women. I will pay special attention towards female education. This will remove many evils from society.  Women will become equal partners with men in the work of the development of the country.

Untouchability is a curse. We treat a large section of our people, as if they were animals. I will do my utmost to eradicate this social evil. Public opinion shall be educated against it. The condition of the untouchables shall be improved.

Price rise of essential commodities is a burning problem in our country. One of the main causes of price hike is the hoarding of food grains. There is an acute shortage of a number of essential commodities. To earn huge profits, businessmen hoard the necessities of life. This causes great hardship to the people. I will introduce legislation to check harding with the greatest zeal and effort. Hoarders, blackmarketeers and profiteers would be severely dealt with.

These are but the most important of the social reforms which have been long overdue. Besides these, there are many other social evils like child labour, gambling, wastage of food etc. on the occasion of marriages and other social ceremonies etc. I will introduce reforms in these spheres also.

Social reforms are urgently needed. There can be no two opinions about this. Others have also made efforts in this direction. But the results have not been very encouraging. I will give top priority to social reforms. Effective laws will be framed. Public opinion will be created in support of these reforms. Administration will be made strict. Then alone will success be achieved.

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