Story The Ant And The Grasshopper With Moral

Story The Ant And The Grasshopper With Moral

Story the ant and the grasshopper with moral in english
The Ant and The Grasshopper

The Ant and The The Grasshopper

Once there lived a gay and carefree grasshopper. He was never worried about the future and lived merrily in the present. On a bright summer day, he was hopping about in a corn field. He was chirping and singing and dancing merrily. Suddenly he saw a long line of tiny ants bearing loads of grains and ears of corn. The ants were concerned only with carrying the grains and the ears of the corn to their nest.

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The grasshopper saw all these and called to one of the ants, “Why don’t you come and join me for company instead of toiling so hard on this bright, sunny day?” The ant stopped and replied, “I am helping to stock and lay up food for the winter. I can’t sit back and chat with you now.” Saying this, he was about to move on but returned. “You should also do the same,” he said to the grasshopper. 

The grass, being a carefree one, replied “Why should I bother for the winter now? We have got plenty of food now. We’ll see when winter arrives.” But the ant went its own way. The grasshopper went on merry-making and the ant along with its fellows continued his hard work.

Eventually, winter arrived. The weather turned cold. A thick white blanket of snow covered all the food lying in the field. The grasshopper could not find any food and found himself starving. 

He went to the ants’ nest. He saw that the ants had stored enough food for winter and distributed the food from their stock. He begged them for something to eat. 

“What!” cried the ants in surprise, ” Haven’t you stored anything for the winter? What were you doing all summer?”

“I didn’t have time to store any food,” said the grasshopper, “I was too busy. All day I sang and danced” 

The ants shook their heads in disgust. They turned their backs on the grasshopper and went on with their work.

The grasshopper realised why the ant was asking him to collect food for the future. He also realised that it is best to prepare for the days of necessity in advance.

Moral of the story : One should always be prepared for the days of necessity in advance.


Work hard today, and you can reap the benefits tomorrow.

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