Paragraph on Animals

Paragraph on Animals

There are so many species of animals in the world. The entire animal world may be classified into five types. They are amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and insects. The animals that live on land and in water are called amphibians. The toad and frog are two good examples of amphibians. The animals having cold blood, scaly body and needing to be in the sun for a long period of time are called reptiles. The two most common reptiles are the snake and the crocodile. The mammal is an animal that has warm blood and a hairy body. It breast feeds its young. The cow, the lion and man are some of the good examples of this type. Birds have wings, beaks and can fly. The parrot and the crow are some examples of birds. Bees and mosquitoes are called insects. The body of an insect has three parts – the head, the thorax and the abdomen. It has six legs but no backbone. It can also fly like a bird. 

Paragraph on Cow

paragraph on cow, paragraph on animals for class 3
Paragraph on Cow , Image : Pixabay

The cow is a useful domestic animal. It is very gentle in nature. It has four legs, two horns and a tail. Her eyes are big and beautiful. It lives on grass, leaves and straw. The cow gives us milk. We drink milk for health. We make a lot of food from milk. Curd, butter, ghee etc. are made from milk. Bulls draw carts and plough fields. Cow-dung is used as manure and fuel. Many things are made from the body of a dead cow. Leather goods are made from its hide. Living or dead, the cow is useful to us. Really the cow is a blessing of God in human life. The Hindus worship it as a Goddess. We must be thankful and grateful to this creature.

Paragraph on Dog 

paragraph on dog, paragraph on animals for class 1
Paragraph on Dog, Image : Pixabay

The dog is a common domestic animal. It is found all over the world. It is a very intelligent animal. It is also faithful to his master. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears and a tail. Its long body is covered with hair. It has sharp teeth and nails. Its eye-sight and sense of smell are strong. The dog is famous for its sniffling power. For its intelligence and obedience, it is used in criminal investigations by the police. Dogs are different in size, shape and colour. They eat meat, fish and rice. It guards its master house. It is loyal and friendly to its master. It seems, it lives to love its master. Dogs live ten to twelve years. They are friends of man.

Paragraph on Horse

paragraph on horse, paragraph on animals for class 2
Paragraph on Horse, Image : Pixabay

The horse is an intelligent animal. It is very strong and stout. It is mild in nature. It has a tall body, four stout legs and a hairy tail. Its eyes are very sharp. Its body is covered with soft hair. Its glossy skin is of different colours – white, brown or black. Its mane on the neck is attractive. A horse eats grass and grain. It is very swift and full of energy. It draws carts and carriages. Man rides on it. In ancient times soldiers rode on them to fight on the battlefield. At present police used them to drive away the crowded mob in the playground or any agitation. Horses are also used in racing. The horse is very faithful and loyal to its master. Chetak of Rana Pratap is a famous name. Its love for its master is proverbial.

Paragraph on Tiger

paragraph on tiger, paragraph on animals for class 3
Paragraph on Tiger, Image : Pixabay

The tiger is a wild animal. It looks beautiful, but is cruel and ferocious. It belongs to the cat family. Its tall, yellowish body is covered with black stripes. It looks like a big cat. It has four legs with powerful paws. It has a round head, sharp teeth, powerful claws and a long tail. Its eyes look like a ball of fire. It lives on flesh. The tiger preys very cleverly. With its padded feet it comes quietly near the prey. It makes a sudden attack on deer, sheep, goats and cows. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the biggest and the most beautiful of all. It is selected as the national animal of our country.

Paragraph on Lion

paragraph on lion, paragraph on animals for class 2
Paragraph on Lion, Image : Pixabay

The lion is a wild animal. The lion is called the King of animals. It is strong and stout. It is a very ferocious and brave animal. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears and a thick mane around his neck. The lioness has no mane. It has strong and sharp teeth. It lives on flesh only. It is found in almost every country. In our country it lives in Gir Forest of Gujrat. It lives in a group. We can see it in the zoo. Many of them are found in the jungle of Africa. Its attitude is like a king.

Paragraph on Camel

paragraph on camel, paragraph on animals for class 1
Paragraph on Camel, Image : Pixabay

The camel is not a good looking animal. Its body is big, but its head is small. Its neck is long and curved. Its legs are very thin. Its lips are hanging and it has a hump on its back. But this clumsy camel is very useful in the desert areas. With its padded feet it can walk miles on hot sand. It can live without water for many days. It has an extra stomach for storing water. The camel is a beast of burden. In the desert areas it carries men and goods on its back. It is rightly called the ‘Ship of Desert’ 

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