Letter of Invitation To A Friend To Spend Recess After Examination

Write a letter to your friend inviting him /her to spend a week in your village after Madhyamik Examination.

letter of invitation to a friend to spend vacation
Letter of Invitation

Deep’s Address_______


My dear Rahul,

    It is long time since we meet. I have no hesitation in saying that you have been one of my closest friends. Now the Madhyamik Examination is over. After days of tension and anxiety, you badly need relaxation and rest.

    I think it will be over two months before the results of Madhyamik Examination are published. Why don’t you come to our village to pass the recess amidst sylvan surroundings? It is a beautiful village beside a river. It would be pleasant relief from the dust, smoke and loud noises of the city. Here is no crowd, no maddening din, no hurry nor any terror of traffic. It is a place of peace. Here you have an open view of the village, gentle breeze over the waving green fields and the rippling of the river.The river bank is extremely peaceful in the early morning and at sunset.  Here you will hear various birds singing sweetly in the trees. The area is redolent of the scent of various seasonal flowers. You will surely enjoy the clear blue sky, the sights and sounds of nature. There is a Shiva Temple very close to our village and it is said to be more than three hundred years old. You will find here calmness and happiness on the faces of the people. I am sure you will love to be here and my family will be really delighted to have you in their midst at least for a week.

    Please let me know the date when you are coming. I shall receive you at the station. Hope, you will not disappoint me. Convey my best regards to your parents and love to your brother and sister.

Your loving friend,


Rahul’s Name & Address



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