Write a notice on Tree Plantation Programme

As the secretary of the Eco-Club of your school write a notice requesting the students to participate in the ‘Tree Plantation Programme’ of your school. Get the notice countersigned by the Head of the Institution.

Write a notice on tree plantation programme, Notice writing on Tree Plantation Programme
Notice writing on Tree Plantation Programme


[ Tree Plantation Programme ]


Date : 15.05.2022

       It is hereby notified that the Eco-Club of our school is going to organise a Tree Plantation Programme in our school on 5th June, 2022 on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’. You are already aware of the importance of the tree plantation in these days of serious environmental pollution. To create a pollution free environment tree plantation programmes are important.

       The students are requested to be present in the school ground at 8 a.m. on the said date. The local Municipality will make the saplings available free to the school. The students will plant the saplings at the suitable sites of the school ground and beside the road close to our school.  They will form four groups. One group will dig the spot of planting; other groups will manure the soil, plant the saplings and water them. The programme will be inaugurated by the President of the school by planting a sapling. For further details you may contact the under signed, if required.


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