Paragraph on Price Rise of Essential Commodities

Price Rise of Essential Commodities

          Price rise of essential commodities is posing a great problem these days in our country. Over the last few years, prices of essential commodities have gone up skyhigh and gone beyond the reach of common people. In a country where most of the people live below poverty line, price hike of essential commodities is one of the gravest problems. Daily wage-earners are the hardest hit in the present situation. For lower and middle class family, making both ends meet is a serious issue as there is a growing discrepancy between earning and expenses.One of the main reasons for price hike is the faulty public distribution system of Government. Because of this the commodities do not reach the target consumers. The dishonest middleman stands in the way of proper function of the system.

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Artificial shortage of food grains is created by dishonest hoarders black marketers. Fall in food supply and population growth are the other causes. Another reason of price rise of food products is environmental pollution and whimsy of weather. Drought and heavy rainfall destroy many crops in the fields. As a result of this price rise, the common people of our society are suffering greatly. Daily necessaries are getting costly and the cost of living is gradually rising. Because of this rise in prices, anti-social activities are increasing.  To check and control price rise of essential commodities, drive against dishonest traders and businessmen is to be launched, strict laws to be imposed. Government should check inflation. Population explosion needs to be controlled as well as reduce the gap between supply and demand. And what is more important, we should raise the ‘grow more food’ slogan. We can expect an improved India where every Indian will have the means to get a square meal.


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