Story The Honest Wood-Cutter

The Honest Wood-Cutter Story

Story the honest wood cutter, The honest wood cutter story
Story The Honest Wood-Cutter

The Honest Wood-Cutter

Once there lived a poor wood-cutter in a village. He was very honest and sincere in his work. Everyday he went to the nearby forest to cut wood. He brought the wood back into the village and sold them. in this way he earned money.

  One day a wood-cutter was cutting wood by the side of a river. Suddenly his axe slipped from his hands and fell into the water of the river. The wood-cutter began to weep. The river-god felt pity for him. He appeared before him.

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“Don’t cry my son,” the God said, “I shall find the axe for you.”

   The river-god dived into the water and came up with a golden axe. “Is it yours?” asked the river-god.

   “No, sir, it is not mine.” replied the wood-cutter, “My axe wasn’t so beautiful.”

   Then the river-god dived again and brought a silver axe and said, “Is it yours?”

   But the wood-cutter refused to take it and replied, “No, it’s not mine.”

  The river-god dived third time and returned with the iron axe of the wood-cutter and asked, “Is this yours?”

  Seeing his own axe, the wood-cutter cried out in joy. Without waiting for a moment he stretched his hand and burst out, Yes, sir, it’s mine.”

  The river-god pleased at the honesty of the wood-cutter. He rewarded the wood-cutter with all the three axes. The wood-cutter came back home with these three axes. 

Moral : Honesty is the best policy.


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