Paragraph on A Visit To A Book Fair

Paragraph on A Visit To A Book Fair

A Visit To A Book Fair

Paragraph on a visit to a book fair, A Visit To A Book Fair paragraph
A Visit To A Book Fair Paragraph

Amongst all the varieties of social and religious fairs, the book fair is of recent origin. Unlike other fairs, a book fair has a charm of its own. A book fair is like a feast of books – a book-lovers’ paradise. Last year I visited the Kolkata Book Fair. Kolkata is one such city in India, where people of all ages and cultures have an inclination towards reading books. It was a wonderful world of so many books on various topics, sizes and colours. Wide ranges of publication from science and technology to management, computer to literature, arts and environment to games and sports were available. Publishers of India and aboard displayed their books not for sale alone. They showed their books for future sale. Stalls were also designed beautifully to attract the visitors. Long queues in front of certain stalls were a common feature in the fair. However, it was a great opportunity to have a varied choice of books in the fair. The main attraction about a book fair is not business but display of books on different

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subjects. It was a gathering of the buyers and sellers of old and new books. Book-lovers crowded there to make their choice and buy books from the stalls. I was tempted to buy a lot of books but my purse did not permit me. I bought a few books. A book fair is indeed an appetizer for further reading. It spreads the message that books are our best friends and companions, enlarge our vision and make our life more meaningful. Here we can hear the books talking to each other. 

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