Paragraph on ‘A Sad Day Of My Life’

A Sad Day of My Life Paragraph

Paragraph on a sad day of my life, A sad day of my life paragraph
Paragraph on ‘A Sad Day of My Life’

Human life is full of joys and sorrows, smiles and tears. My life is not an exception to that. The saddest day that I suffered was the day my grandmother had left us forever. I cannot accept her death till now. She was the dearest to me in the family. She loved me most. I also loved her most in our family. I was her sweetest love. She is the neatest, dearest and closest to me from my birth. It was on 15th September last year. My grandmother, who was seventy, fell seriously ill. She was suffering from fever and cough. She had heart troubles. She was then gasping for breath. The manner she struggled for breath alarmed all. We immediately rushed her to the hospital by

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ambulance. The doctor suspected that it was a case of Covid-19. He suggested the Covid-19 test. Unfortunately the result of the test was positive. She breathed her last the day after she was admitted to hospital. Mother and aunts were wailing and weeping piteously. Father became dumb to hear the it. I was overwhelmed with grief and burst into tears. I wept and wept thinking I would never enjoy the loving caresses of my grandmother who loved me so much. That sad day is still vivid in my mind. I can see her whenever I close my eyes. I can feel her presence whenever I go to her room. Her sweet memory is the golden treasure of my life.

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