Story The Farmer And The Snake

The Farmer And The Snake

Story the farmer and the snake, the farmer and the snake story
Story The Farmer And The Snake

It was a cold winter afternoon. A farmer was returning from his day’s work. Suddenly he saw a snake lying by the roadside. It was lying almost dead from the cold. The farmer took pity on the dying snake. 

“I will warm the snake and save its life”, said the farmer to himself. He took the dying snake home and put it down by the hearth. He warmed the poor creature beside the hearth. Slowly the snake got back its life. It became well again.

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The farmer’s son watched the snake with great interest. They were happy to see it slowly come to life again. One of them knelt down to stroke the snake in love. The snake at once raised its hood. It was about to bite the boy. 

At once the farmer rushed to the spot. He quickly took a stick and killed the snake to save the boy.

Moral : Don’t expect gratitude from the wicked.


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