Write A Paragraph On Discipline

Paragraph Discipline

Paragraph on discipline, paragraph discipline
Paragraph on Discipline

Who does not love a life of liberty and freedom. We cannot live without liberty. But uncontrolled liberty leads to chaos. We cannot do whatever we like to do. There are certain limits to our desires. These limits are exercised on us by certain rules of social living. Obedience to these rules is called discipline. It is necessary for the success of a man. A disciplined life leads to a healthy life. It ensures savings of time. Discipline teaches

respect for others. It teaches self control, self sacrifice and

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obedience to duty. It gives spiritual and moral strength. So discipline is needed to bring order in life. In every walk of life discipline is necessary. Without strict maintenance of discipline, people lose focus in attaining success. For peaceful living we must control whims and maintain discipline. We think of ourselves and think of others. Discipline is connected with cooperation. It is necessary everywhere in civilized life. It is an important key to success. A disciplined student succeeds in life. A disciplined team wins. A country’s freedom is also protected by a disciplined army. In absence of discipline, a man moves aimlessly. A family loses peace. A society crumbles and there’s anarchy in a country. So we must obey rules. Rules regulate us and we live a happy life. Everyone should inculcate discipline from their student life.  

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