Price Rise of Essential Commodities Paragraph

Price Rise of Essential Commodities

Paragraph on price rise of essential commodities, Price rise of essential commodities paragraph
Paragraph on Price Rise of Essential Commodities

Nowadays, price rise of essential commodities is a burning problem in our country. It causes anxiety among the people. Prices of essential commodities like gas, pulses, sugar, edible oils, food grains, poppy seed, tea, petrol and diesel  etc are going beyond the purchasing power of the common people. There are many reasons for the price hike. Inflation, hoarding and black marketing, overpopulation, and improper distribution system are some of the major causes of the price hike. The main cause behind the problem is growth of population at a galloping rate and fall in production of essential commodities. Rise of diesel and petrol in the International market is also the cause of the price rise. Price rise of diesel and petrol raises the transportation cost of goods. Price rise of essential commodities is also caused by corruption.

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Besides, hoarding of food and goods by dishonest businessmen to make more profit is also the cause of price rise. The price hike may also be caused due to flood and fault of rail and road communications. Politicians too help the exploitation of the situation for their selfish ends. There are some bad impacts of price rise in our society. Price hike of essential commodities decreases our living standard and increases corruption in our society. The common people are suffering greatly due to the rise of the price of essential commodities. The poor and the middle class people of our society are directly affected by it. Government should take immediate actions to control it. To check the price rise, the Government should build an adequate food stock. They must open fair shops throughout the country. Strict laws must be imposed to punish hoarders. Market price of essential commodities must be monitored regularly by government agencies. The Government should take steps to increase industries so that the poor people can earn their living.


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