Write a Paragraph on Social Impact of Covid-19

Write a Paragraph on Social Impact of Covid-19

Write A Paragraph On Social Impact Of Covid-19, paragraph on impact of covid-19 pandemic
Covid-19 Pandemic | Image : Pixabay

The novel coronavirus pandemic started as a simple outbreak in December 2019 from the city of Wuhan, China. It has broken out in almost every country. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic. Almost every country imposed a lockdown to break the chain of infection. The Government of India imposed a nationwide lockdown for 21 days starting from March 25,

2020. The lockdown was further extended till May 3 and thereafter to May 31, 2020. Amidst the lockdown, social, educational, economical, political, agricultural, psychological and many more issues have been noticed in Indian society. It has created a devastating impact on the lives of the people.

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India is the land of diversity. So, the impact of Covid-19 is diverse and countless. Impact of Covid-19 has not been only limited to society at large. Both rural and urban economies have been impacted adversely. We have seen the issues being faced by migrant workers. Many migrant workers started to move to their villages because of the unavailability of jobs and money in the cities. They walked thousands of miles barefoot with their child, pregnant wife. It was an unimaginable situation. Apart from migrant workers, many daily wage workers, hawkers lost their jobs. Many private companies and farms cut the salaries of their employees. It was a very difficult situation for the common people of the country. 

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In this situation, normal schooling has come to a sudden halt. Initially, kids were staying indoors. But they were occupied with online classes. Later on, when the grim situation continued longer than expected it began taking a toll on the psychological well-being of the children. Not meeting friends, staying alone at home, not socializing, lack of school activities all played significant roles in making kids dull and lazy. They are attached to social media and gadgets and parents don’t have any alternate arrangements as they are busy themselves with work from home scenarios. Now in the case of the physical health of the children, it is affected silently. Parents fail to consider the kids’ weight gain which has reached the state of ‘obesity’ and that is the root cause of all other ailments.

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  Continuous lockdowns have impacted people psychologically. Domestic violence has increased tremendously. It has been faced by women and children. Multiple calls have been received in the lockdown period on the helpline number made for the people going through domestic violence.

Lockdown has given a golden opportunity for those people who hardly get time to spend with their families. The lockdown led to people working from home and spending more time with their parents, spouse, and children. 

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