Report Writing on Cyclone Tauktae

Cyclone Tauktae Hits Severely India’s West Coast

— By a Staff Reporter

Ahmedabad, May 20 : ‘Extremely Severe Cyclone’ Tauktae with winds gusting up to 185 km per hour made its landfall on the Gujarat coast Monday night, after dumping heavy rains on Mumbai. It forced the evacuation of over 1.5 lakh people in Gujarat and left two barges with 410 people on board adrift in the Arabian Sea.Tauke killed 169 people so far, which is more

than the toll from any single cyclone from the Arabian Sea over the last one decade. 

As it travelled between Lakshadweep and Gujarat, the low-pressure system intensified into an ‘Extremely Severe Cyclone’. Cyclone Tauktae has affected more than half of India and badly hit all states on India’s west coast. Starting from Lakshadweep, Tauktae caused rainfall up to Delhi, Bihar and Nepal on Thursday. Cyclone Tauktae brought extremely heavy rainfall and gale winds over the entire west coast during May 12–May 19. 

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“It is very rare that a cyclone affects so many states at a time,” said Dr Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General, India Meteorological Department (IMD). Normally, cyclones weaken upon entering land. Thus, the damage is often limited to the coast it hits. But Tauktae retained its intensity as a cyclone and maintained wind speeds between 60 and 70 km/hr gusting to 80 km/hr.

 “As Cyclone Tauktae came under the influence of western disturbances, it slowed down as it was crossing over land. This slow progress over the coast ensured that the cyclone continued to get sufficient moisture supply from the sea. Hence it did not weaken, but rather retained its intensity even 24 hours after coming over land,” Mohapatra said.

Tauktae resulted in at least 169 deaths in India and left another 81 people missing. The storm displaced over 200,000 people in Gujarat. The cyclone also caused havoc in infrastructure and agriculture to the western coast of India. Upwards of 40 fishermen were lost at sea when their boats were caught in the cyclone.

Cyclones from the Bay of Bengal have historically killed more people than cyclones formed in the Arabian Sea. But Tauktae has killed more people than most recent cyclones from the Bay of Bengal too.  Tauktae’s death toll has overtaken the 90 killed by Super Cyclone Amphan formed in the Bay of Bengal last year.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an aerial trip of the areas hit by Tauktae. He announced ₹1,000 crore for immediate relief in Gujarat. He also declared that a sum of ₹2 lakh would be given each to families who had their members die in the cyclone. A sum of ₹50,000 would be paid to the injured persons. He assured that the central government was working closely with the affected states.

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