Paragraph on ‘Importance of Morning Walk’

Paragraph on ‘Importance of Morning Walk’


Paragraph on ‘Advantages of Morning Walk’

Paragraph on Importance of Morning Walk, Paragraph on Advantages of Morning Walk
Importance of Morning Walk |Image : Pixabay

There are some simple habits all around the world follow for ages. Morning walk is one such age-old activity. Morning walk means brisk walking in the fresh air in the early hours of morning. It is a healthy habit. It is the best form of exercise. We have different ways to undertake exercise. Some of these are taking part in games, cycling, swimming and so on. But for all these we have to depend on other people or instruments.

But morning walk is an independent exercise. It provides man with enough exercise after a long night’s rest and provides fresh oxygen of the cool morning air. Nature is at her prettiest mood in the morning. Morning air is fresh and free from pollution. The atmosphere is calm in the morning. The peeping of faint faint sunlight, the cool morning air, the twittering of birds create an ambience when one feels closer to nature. A deep sense of peace fills the air.Taking a walk in the morning is a good start for the day’s work.The sweet sights and sounds of nature refresh us. Our eyes and ears are delighted. Our mind is relaxed. We are in high spirits throughout the day. Morning walk is the best exercise for both the body and the mind. It is an excellent medicine for many diseases. So all of us must have the habit of walking in the morning.

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