Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Children

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Children

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Children, Coronavirus effects on children
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Already we are all aware of the impact of coronavirus that has changed our lifestyle. India recorded the first cases of Covid-19 in March, 2020. The government of India imposed a lockdown to control the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The government advised us to maintain social distancing norms and stay at home to break the chain of the virus. In this situation, normal schooling came to a sudden halt. Many

schools started online classes to continue the study of the students. After September, 2020, fewer cases began to be reported and the first wave of Covid-19 began to decline. New normal life almost started. But the second wave of Covid-19 has arrived in India and disrupted the new normal life as the same restricted monotonous life has started again. 

In this situation, the physical and mental health of the children is being affected. Panic-stricken parents are rushing to pediatricians as their children are falling sick quite frequently. Experts warn the third wave of covid to affect children more than adults. Kids’ health is raising alarms.

Initially, kids were staying indoors but were occupied with online classes. Later on, when the grim situation continued longer than expected it began taking a toll on the psychological well-being of the children. Staying alone, not meeting friends, not socializing, lack of school activities all play significant roles in making kids dull and lazy. They are glued to social media and gadgets. Parents don’t have any alternate arrangements as they are busy themselves with their work. To get rid of the naughtiness of their children, many parents encourage their children to engage with TV or mobile phones. As a result, children become dull and lazy.

Now in the case of the physical health of the children, it is affected silently. Parents fail to consider the kids’ weight gain which has reached the state of ‘obesity‘ and that is the root cause of all other ailments. Not many parents realize, but obesity also lowers the immunity in children. Kids have been staying indoors for more than a year now. A sedentary lifestyle has made them obese and inactive. Dropping immunity levels are definitely a threat to not just kids, but everyone in the current scenario. Obesity also leads to breathing issues in kids. Obese children find it very difficult to walk even a few steps without panting. Problems of metabolism and joint pains are also related to obesity.

Junk food is another problem. It plays a vital role to gain weight. Avoiding junk food, eating healthy, and regular physical activities are the key factors to get rid of that extra fat in kids. Parents should monitor the eating habits of children no matter how busy they are. Healthy habits are the only way to a healthy life and kids need to learn and practice this early in life, experts opine.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional.

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