The Farmer And His Four Sons Story Writing

The Farmer and His Four Sons

Story The Farmer and His Four Sons, The Farmer and His Three Sons
The Farmer and His Four Sons

An old farmer had four sons. But he was not happy with them. They always quarrelled among themselves. He tried to bring them to their senses but failed.  One day the farmer fell ill and felt that his death was knocking at the door. At last he thought of a plan. 

He called all his sons and asked them to bring a bundle of sticks. When the bundle was brought, he asked each of his

sons to break the bundle. They tried hard but failed. 

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Then the farmer asked his sons to unite the bundle and break a stick each one by one. They could break the sticks easily. 

Then the farmer said to them, ” You see, my sons, each of you broke one stick easily. But none of you could break the bundle of sticks. Why couldn’t you do it?”

“Because”, said the eldest son, “in the bundle the sticks were together.”

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“That’s right”, said the father, “You see the strength of unity now. If you remain together, nobody can break you. You must live together so that no one can harm you.”

After this incident they lived together in peace and the farmer was happy. 

Moral : Unity is strength / United we stand divided we fall.

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