Story Writing – A Farmer And His Lazy Sons or The Hidden Treasure

A Farmer And His Idle Sons / The Hidden Treasure

A farmer and his lazy sons story, the hidden treasure
A Framer and His Lazy Sons

A farmer had two sons. They were very lazy and would never do any work. The farmer did not know how to make them efficient. One day the farmer fell ill and felt that his death was knocking at the door. He thought and thought and on his death-bed he hit upon a plan. He called his sons and said to them, “My sons, I have laid a treasure in my land. Dig the field

and you’ll find it.” The boys ran to the field at once. They worked hard and dug up all the land.

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But  they did not find the treasure. ” Why should we leave the field all dug up?” said the sons among themselves, “We must sow some seeds here.” So they did so. In due course golden corn came out. The boys were very happy. They now understood the real meaning of the hidden treasure their father spoke of.

Moral : Fruits of labour are sweet. / There is no short cut to success.

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