Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports

Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports

Paragraph on Values of Games and Sports, Importance of Games and Sports

Values of Games and Sports

Games and sports play an integral part in the development of a proper life. For health and physical fitness playing games is very much essential. In the playground we forget our woes and worries. We escape the ills of life and enter a world of excitement and joy. But sports do not mean only a mere recreation. They build the body and mould the character. A sportsman is bold, frank and liberal. Sports help in attaining a spirit of sportsmanship. Sports imply competition and struggle. To win a competition one must have courage, determination and a will to win. Sports are a civilized outlet of man’s fighting spirit. Sports plant in us leadership qualities. Some other important virtues like discipline, obedience, self-control and a sense of fair play are cultivated in the playground. Team sports helps to build a healthy team spirit. The players play together for the success of the team. Together they celebrate a victory or lament a loss. It is true, sometimes we can’t win. But a true sportsman takes a defeat sportingly. He plays well in all games of life.

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