Paragraph on ‘Science In Daily Life’

Paragraph on Science In Daily Life

Science has done wonders in the present day civilization. We enjoy the gifts of science in every step of our daily life. It has made human life easy and comfortable. In ancient days man had to depend solely on the mercy of nature and in the then society manpower was the only source for doing any labourios work. As time passed, man invented new appliances and applied new techniques to do things in every walk of life.

Man has now entered the automatic era. We cannot manufacture today even a small needle without having the resources of science. It saves both labour and time. From morning till night we get the gifts of science. The alarm clock wakes us at any time we like. In the morning we do the teeth and wash with flowing out of the tap. Newspapers give us the news and views of the world. Fans and air-conditioners beat the heat of the summer and haters keep us warm in winter. We heat and light our houses with the help of electricity. It is the greatest gift of science. With it, we cool our rooms, run the trams, train and cars which carry us to the place of work. The lift takes us to the high rise offices and helps us to avoid the stairs. The barrier of distance is being broken by the internet or the telephone. In the evening the television, the music systems, the computer entertain us. If we are ill, we have medicine to get relief. Even when we are sleeping, the refrigerator, the air-conditioner etc. are working for us. The Computer, one of the greatest gifts of science, regulates every sphere of our life. The gifts of science have enveloped our life round the clock. Without these blessings today’s life will be paralysed. Life will lose its colour.

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