Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on A Journey By Train

Paragraph on A Journey By Train, Visit to a historical place
A Journey By Train | Image : Pixabay

A journey by train gives me a pleasant thrill. It was the beginning of the last puja vacation. We were going to Puri. I was greatly excited. Life sometimes offers pleasant surprises. On one fine October evening we reached Howrah station to catch the Jagannath Express that started at the correct time. Breaking the silence of the night the giant engine roared along. In the train there were people from different parts of

West Bengal. When the train was running, vendors came into the compartment one after another. From time to time I looked out the window beside my seat. The train ran over a long bridge and passed by fields, villages, towns and stations. Dim lights from distant huts looked like tiny fireflies. I had a good gossip with a gentleman. Then I had my dinner. The swing and sound of the moving train soon lulled me to sleep. Next morning I woke up and saw the beauties of the hills and hillocks of the place. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape outside. Here and there we saw some temples. At last the train reached the land of Lord Jagannath. My heart began to leap in joy. We took a taxi to the hotel where we had booked two rooms facing the sea. Our journey came to a pleasant end at Puri.

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