Paragragraph on Global Warming

  Paragraph on Global Warming  

One of the biggest challenges that the environment is facing today is global warming. Global warming is the rise of temperature of the earth’s surface and air. It is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases like carbon-di-oxide and methane in the atmosphere. Fuel burning, deforestation, urbanisation and industrialization are the causes of global warming. The greenhouse gases prevent heat radiation from

earth. This trapped heat increases the temperature of the environment. This rise in temperature melts the ice of poles and glaciers of the world. It increases the water level of the seas and oceans. Frequent floods, droughts, heat waves and storms take place. The existence of life on earth will be in danger. So to prevent the rise of global warming all countries should control the emission of greenhouse gases. We must  plant more trees instead of felling them. Urbanization and industrialization must be restrained. Solar and wind energy should be used to protect our beautiful earth.

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