Write a story on ‘A Farmer and Four Sons’

Story on ‘A Farmer and His Four Sons’

A farmer and his four sons, Unity is strength
A Farmer and His Four Sons

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

There was a farmer. He had four sons. They always quarrelled among themselves.They made their father unhappy. So the farmer was very anxious about their future. He would always advise them not to do so, but they turned a deaf ear to his advice. He thought and thought over the matter and at last made a plan to bring them to their senses.

One day the unhappy farmer called his four sons. He told them to bring a bundle of sticks. They did so. He then told each of his sons one after another to break the bundle of sticks. They tried with all their might to break it, but none of them succeeded. Then the farmer told them to untie the bundle and break the sticks one by one. This time they broke the sticks easily.

Then the farmer advised them by saying, “Thus you see, my sons, as long as you remain untied like the bundle of sticks, no one can do any harm to you. But if you quarrel and fight, anyone can easily break you down” The sons realised their folly and promised to follow their father’s advice. They lived together in peace and happiness.

Moral : Unity is strength

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