Paragraph on ‘Water Pollution’

Write a paragraph ‘Water Pollution’ 

paragraph on water pollution, water pollution
Water Pollution. Image : Pixabay

Environment means the soil, water, and air around us. The World Environment Day is observed on 5th June every year. We talk a lot about our environment. But in practice, we damage it. Man exploits his environment to satisfy his greed. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The earth has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.” We have not paid any heed to these words. ‘No bird fouls its nest,’ goes a

proverb. Man has plundered this planet for long. Now the planet has taken revenge. A breaking point has reached. Environment is highly polluted. This pollution causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to our physical system. Water pollution is a particular kind of environmental pollution.

Water is a life-giving natural resource. Water covers 71% of earth’s surface. But of that, only 3% is non-saline. And that 3% is distributed through glaciers, rivers, lakes and groundwater. Human body is primarily composed of water. So water is a fundamental source of life on earth. All life forms that breed need water. The irony is that humanity is still indifferent to pollution of water. 

Water pollution contaminants into a water body. The presence of some foreign organic, inorganic, biological, and physical substances or properties degrades the quality of water. Thus, the normal property of water is affected. Water pollution not only changes physical properties of water, but also makes it acidic or saline. It is due to the presence of dissolved or suspended chemical pollutants in water.

This pollution mainly occurs due to sewerage, and industrial waste, agricultural pollutants, and radioactive materials. Rainfall saturated with aerial contaminants like gases and dust also pollute water bodies. In many countries, electricity is produced by nuclear energy. It needs gallons of cold water to reduce waste heat. The hot water thrown into the sources of water has an adverse effect on the aquatic eco-system. Radioactive heat aggravates the problem of water pollution. The agricultural waste encourages algal growth and contaminates water. Various human wastes contribute to water pollution, too. 

Scarcity of pure drinking water and sanitation is now the single largest cause of illness worldwide. According to experts, by 2020, many people will die due to water-borne diseases. The planet earth is home to nearly 7.8 billion people. Each human being needs a minimum quantity of water. In our country, according to the environmental experts, 14 main rivers like the Ganga, the Damodar, the Hooghly, the Jamuna, the Godavari, and the Cauvery are highly polluted. We are told that the ancient civilisation of Mohenjodaro ceased to exist mainly because of the problem of drinking water. The same fate awaits us if we do not take the issue of water pollution seriously. The impurities of water are being treated through an advanced waste treatment method, which includes removal of suspended solids, dissolved salts and pathogens. The colloidal particles are removed through the coagulation process. Dwindling aquatic resources are throwing a great challenge to humanity across the world.

To transform all the remedies into a reality, the key players – the government and people –  must make combined and sincere efforts. Only such efforts today can make all the difference tomorrow.

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