Paragraph on ‘ The Person I like Most’

Paragraph on ‘ The Person I like Most’

Paragraph on ' The Person I like Most', The person I like most paragraph
The Person I Like Most

 I love all my family members. But the loveliest of all is my mother. I love her most in our family. I rather worship her. She is the nearest, dearest and closest to me from my birth. She is always in my heart. She is the most beautiful to me in my family. My mother is a very simple and loving housewife. She is hardworking, dutiful and dignified. She gets out of bed early enough in the morning. She cleans the kitchen, makes our

breakfast, cooks the food and keeps our house neat and clean. She does all the domestic chores cheerfully. The special quality of my mother for which she is loveable to all is her always wearing a smiling face. She is kind and cooperative to our relatives and neighbours. She takes care of my study and teaches me to be devoted, honest and modest. My mother’s influence on my character is greatI learnt from my mother to respect my teachers, elders and neighbours. She has taught me to be disciplined, dutiful, and kind to all. She is my friend, ideal and guide. I am proud of my mother. I pray to God to let her live a long happy Iife.

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