Paragraph on ‘Newspaper’

Paragraph on Newspaper

A newspaper is the history for one day of the world’. Now newspapers are brought out in many languages in our country. They give us news of events that take place in different parts of the world. We cannot think of modern life without them. The newspaper gives us news of home and abroad, speeches of politicians, reports of sports, activities of the states, reviews of films and advertisements. There are also articles on industry,

agriculture, even stories and puzzles. People now read the newspaper for both pleasure and profit. It brings the news of all and all. It shapes public opinion. It prints the policies of the political parties and the states. It publishes articles written by great scholars. Newspaper reading is the easiest way of increasing general knowledge. But sometimes we get conflicting reports of an event. A press must be free. It must not feed false news. It must give impartial news and views. It should give guidance to the masses.

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