Paragraph on ‘My Favourite Poet’

My Favourite Poet

Paragraph on My Favourite Poet, paragraph on William Wordsworth
William Wordsworth

  Poetry is the song of our life. Various English poets have penned their inner feelings of life through their poetry. I love English poetry, and William Wordsworth is my favourite poet. His poetry has a mysterious and soothing effect. He gave a blow to the artificial tastes. Wordsworth was born in 1870 at a little village named Cockermouth.

Wordsworth inherited a deep love for the countryside and Nature from his ancestor. He developed intimacy and sympathy with the moods of Nature in childhood. He spent a greater part of his daily life in the company of Nature. He enjoyed the beautiful spots, the flowing of rivers and the majesty of mountains. He became a real lover and worshipper of Nature as he sees in man. He creates a spiritual relationship between Nature and Man. To him, nothing in Nature is trivial. He believed Nature never betrays the heart that loves her. Nature is not merely sensuous; it is a physical as well as spiritual entity. To Wordsworth Nature is intelligent, meaningful and profound. It gives knowledge to man and it also teaches moral truth. The poet identifies God and Nature as one.

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Wordsworth is also a poet of man. Along with Nature, he is also interested in the rustic life. His poetry represents the qualities of strength, endurance, simplicity, courage and hope of common people.

Wordsworth’s love for Nature is nowhere  found among any other poets or writers and so instead of calling his name, we call him as the Nature’s poet or the Poet priest of Nature.

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