Paragraph on My Favourite Author

Paragraph on My Favourite Author

Paragraph on My Favourite Author, paragraph on Sir Walter Scott
Sir Walter Scott

Of all English authors, my favourite is Sir Walter Scott. Some of his novels are Guy Mannering, Old Morality, Ivanhoe, The Talisman. Guy Mannering and Old Morality deal with Scotland, and are my favourites. Ivanhoe deals with the English history. The Talisman deals with the Continent. The range of Scott was vast. His novels dealt with different countries.

In my leisure, I pick up one of his novels from my collection. While reading, get deeply engrossed in the book and feel myself to be a part of it. I forget my own real self and visualize myself to be one of the characters of the book. I am sometimes so fascinated by it that l even cannot hear my mother calling out for dinner. To me, reading Scott’s novels is the most delightful thing in the world. It is a source of joy to me. It colours my spare time. It makes me forget the crassness of men around. His books have stood the test of time.

I enjoy his style of narration, freshness and rapidity of action. Scott, through his novels, unfolds the treasures of the world of adventure and imagination to me. Naturally, his novels nurture my imagination and sharpen my sensibility. His novels are very realistic and portray people who are more like common men, but with creative abilities. His novels are so simple that they develop in me a sense of identification with the character of his novels, especially with lvanhope.

There is no denying that he spoke of joys, sorrows, hopes and aspirations of the Scottish people. He created the genre of romantic historical novels. A few of his predecessors wrote historical novels, but none of them had any feeling for historical realism. They could not induce in the reader ‘a willing suspension of disbelief. But Scott blended romance with historical facts. Thus, he recreated the past and projected the present into the former. He used the knowledge of his times in his novels. Thus, he humanised his historical characters. He was a pageant-master. He organised a procession through the ages. In it, every degree of humanity, from kings to clowns played a part. Scott is very good at description and action. His novels teach us how to subtly deal with various aspects of life. So, he is my favourite author.

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