Paragraph on A Book Fair

Paragraph on A Book Fair

A book fair is a joyful fair where books are displayed and sold to the common people. It is a paradise of a book lover. Today a book fair has become very popular in our country. It is now held annually in towns and cities every year. A book fair usually lasts for a week. Hundreds of stalls are set up in an enclosed area. They are decorated nicely. There are books on all subjects for all classes of people. Books are here open to

be seen or read. Seminar on books is also held here.The book lover and reader gather in a book fair. A book fair is an important part of education. It helps to broaden our kingdom of knowledge. A book  fair forms the habit of reading, buying, writing and taking care of books. Every student and every educated person should visit the book fair every year. I am also fond of visiting a book fair.

Book Fair Paragraph

A Book Fair 

A book fair, broadly speaking, is an exhibition of books. Books on various subjects are available at stalls. These days book fairs are held all over the world. But the Kolkata Book Fair, organised by the Publishers and Book-sellers Guild, is the world’s largest book fair in terms of public attendance. It is visited by innumerable people every year. But the books are not the only attraction of the fair. Cultural functions, seminars and felicitations of noted writers, artists and poets are also arranged. All these make the fair much more colourful and attractive. It serves as a window to the world.

It was feared that the advent of television would ring the death-knell of books. But it has been proved wrong. Even a popular TV serial cannot destroy the urge for reading books. There are billions of book lovers across the world who would prefer visiting a book fair and roam around the stalls. Books on different subjects are displayed and one can have a close look at the books and have his/her choice. To a book lover books are the constant source of joy and knowledge. They feed their hungry minds and shelter their burdened souls.

The immediate object of a book fair is to acquaint the ardent readers with the books published in different branches of study and thus, to promote the sale of books. Old and rare books are, at times, available in the book fair. Shelves display a variety of books for the visitors so that they can choose freely the books they desire for. But there is more than what meets the eyes. A book fair is also a meeting of two minds – the mind of the author and the receptive mind of the reader. An invisible bond is, thus, established between them. While book lovers have a wide range of titles to choose from, book sellers use the fairs to gauge the taste and liking of the reader. To the bibliophiles, a book fair offers an escape from the “fever and fret” of life. The reader once again finds books as never-parting friends. It makes the reader’s life more meaningful and reveals to him the bright side of life.

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