If I were granted three wishes what would these be and why?

If I were granted three wishes what would these be and why?

Wishes are not granted easily, because if wishes are achieved easily, the meaning and charm of wishes would vanish. However, in the hypothetical realm there are always wishes to be granted. The three wishes would like to be granted are freedom from diseases for mankind, freedom from war and violence of any kind, and housing facility to all.

These are all realistic wishes. I have deliberately not chosen any unrealistic wish because they would imperil the natural creation and may even jeopardise the existence of the world like in the story of mythological Midas. Midas was granted the wish that whatever he touched turned into gold. Unwittingly, Midas had asked only suffering for himself. He could not even eat because even food material turned into gold as soon as he began eating.

Today mankind is suffering from a number of diseases especially Covid-19. Diseases are painful and hamper the day to day work of man. Diseases kill human beings early in life. Diseases debilitate a man and robs an earning member from family, work sphere and the world at large. Thus the ultimate loss is to humanity and to the society. Unfortunately, loss due to diseases is a wanton loss because the diseases are preventable and curable. But disease is also a fundamental truth of life, like old age and death. Nonet- heless a disease-free life is not an impossibility, altogether. Therefore, in wishing this wish, one is not completely unrealistic. Therefore, I would like to be granted this wish for the ultimate progress and benefit to mankind. If this wish was granted, will the medical profession or the doctors become redundant? The answer is ‘no, because the doctors would still exist, not to treat the diseases of the human beings but to make human beings more and more healthy and more and more robust. Medical science would exist as a pure science for the advancement of human knowledge.

My second wish, already stated, is freedom from violence and war. In the last 5000 years of civilization, there have been more than 50,000 wars and uncountable instances of violence which have brought about nothing but loss, destruction and remorse to mankind. Civilization would have definitely been at a much higher scale if wars had not taken place and mankind would have been much happier and peaceful. Along with scientific progress, weapons of destruction and violence have also advanced. These are unfortunate developments. There have been men and organisations for pacific cause, but their efforts have not been able to wipe out wars from the face of the globe. Therefore, if this wish was granted, it would be a God send insurance for mankind for unfettered peace and progress in future. Right now, due to the unmitigated spectre of violence and war compounded by the nuclear arsenals, the very existence of mankind is threatened.

My third and final wish is to have a housing facility for all. Isn’t it unfortunate that mankind has led a settled existence for the last 5000 years, but more than half of mankind has not shelter. His existence is worse than that of a wandering named, for he has to live in slums, shanty dwellings or on pavements. Given this condition, how can these men be expected to channelise their full potential in the service of the progress of civilization? Therefore, if my last wish was granted, I believe it will ultimately benefit the mankind and fulfilment of all the three wishes together will definitely mark a tremendous advancement of the human civilization towards peace and prosperity.

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